How Reverse Logistics Saves Money

How Reverse Logistics Saves Money

When a customer returns a product using a return policy, the product enters the reverse logistics supply chain. Most businesses have a basic setup here that includes the ability to complete a return, but far fewer have a system that fully unlocks the value of this chain – and many companies mistakenly take time away from production by attempting to handle these logistics in-house.

That’s what ReverseLogix is here for. We’re here to help your business handle a rapidly growing returns market, and our services can save you money in several big ways. Let’s take a look.

Lower Supply Costs

The proper reclamation of valuable parts can be a source of supplies for future production. As many as 8.1 percent of sales come back to your company as returns, and each return means your company is receiving more raw materials. These materials can often be recycled, which in turn will lower your overall supply costs.

Improved Reputation

Going green is a top trend in today’s markets, and recycling via returns is a great way to reduce a carbon footprint while improving your reputation here. Consumers are willing to pay more to work with companies that are eco-friendly. Per studies, as much as 25 percent of a company’s value comes from its reputation, so this is important.

Correct Focus

By outsourcing your returns services to a company like ReverseLogix, you can focus on manufacturing and selling – as you should. You can utilize all warehouse space for current product demand, and rest easy knowing that logistics within storage space is handled by experts in the field. This leaves you and your business free to focus on other elements.

Simplified Inventory Management

With outsourced reverse logistics, gone are the days where you worry about SKU numbers, storage and transport logistics and many other tedious tasks. You can devote inventory management to just that: Inventory. You’ll have fewer delays or errors in shipping to customers, and you’ll be able to meet tighter delivery windows.

Want to learn more about reverse logistics and how they can benefit your business? Speak to the experts at ReverseLogix today.