How to Improve Product Registration Rates

Improving product registration rates quest to improve product registration rates is a fight that’s familiar to many B2C enterprises.

Product registrations are invaluable for a variety of reasons but, unless you can provide sufficient incentives, you may struggle to get buy-in from your customers. By implementing a few common-sense practices – including a reverse logistics solution that makes the process simple and intuitive – you can improve your product registration rates and increase customer engagement and loyalty.

The Importance of Product Registration

Knowing who purchases your products is critical to the customer experience. It’s the only way you can reliably gauge buyer satisfaction or provide the proper type and level of support. It’s also the only way you have to contact your customers if the product has a problem or you need to issue a recall.

For the purposes of warranty service, registration can simplify the process significantly, both for the customer and for your company.

Product registrations are also marketing gold. You can send targeted marketing offers to your customers, based on their past purchases. But, more important, compiling the data you collect through product registrations will allow you to perform complex analyses that can advise and substantially increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

The Challenges of Product Registration

In today’s marketplace, it is difficult to convince your customers to register their products. Everyone is concerned about what companies will do with their data and, frankly, most consumers are too busy to be bothered.

You will struggle to register your purchasers if your customer:

  • Does not see any value in registering
  • Must work too hard to accomplish it
  • Does not trust what you plan to do with their information

Finding ways to motivate your customers is necessary to improve registration rates.

For some companies – Apple, for example – it’s pretty easy to do. Apple has nearly a 100 percent registration rate, because it’s necessary to use their services and obtain warranty service.

But, without this level of value and motivation, you must find your own strategies to incentivize your customers to register.

Provide Customers with Clear Value in Exchange for Registration

What do your customers value? Once you figure that out, use it to motivate registration. But make sure that whatever you offer is truly valuable, rather than a token effort on your part. Today’s savvy consumers can see right through it.

This could be anything from a free gift to live customer support, discounts on other products, early access to future sales, access to your information library, exclusive forum access, free extended warranty coverage or virtually anything else your customers’ value.

Reassure Customers Regarding Data Protection

Clearly indicate what you will – and will not – do with your customers’ data once they register and allow them to opt out of future marketing solicitation as a part of the process.

Assure them you won’t sell their data and that any information they provide will be protected – and then make good on that promise. As much as you might want to monetize this information, it will be worth its weight in gold to your company, if you collect the right information and use it correctly.

Leverage Reverse Logistics Technology to Improve Product Registration Rates

The easier and more intuitive you can make the mechanics of the registration process, the more likely you are to improve your results.

Consider adopting a reverse logistics solution like ReverseLogix. Our centralized, cloud-based Saas platform is scalable, customizable and device-independent. Product registration is one of the primary components of ReverseLogix, providing a customer portal wherein your customers can register their product, request returns and warranty service and obtain support.

The benefits that ReverseLogix provides for both you and your customers provide significant value. Contact us today for a free, no-pressure demo of our reverse logistics solution. We look forward to showing you how we can help improve your product registration rates as well as the customer experience.