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ROI Calculator: Discover what you can save

Managing product returns can be costly if they aren’t processed efficiently: You’re spending unnecessary money on labor, too much time in multiple supply chain systems, and falling behind on customer communications. You might even throw out products that could have value if resold or recycled.

It’s estimated that lost revenue because of returned items is about 10% of total sales. In fact, a returns management survey from ReverseLogix found that 80% of respondents said their product returns costs are “significant to severe.”

How Much Money can a Returns Management System Save?

A returns management system (RMS) is a single solution that manages the complete, end-to-end returns lifecycle.

Because it can direct, automate and streamline everything needed to process a return, enterprise companies with an RMS will make impressive leaps in efficiency and minimize logistics costs. An RMS provides:  

  • Standardized, digital workflows to help employees receive and process returns quickly and accurately
  • Improved return processing speeds without adding headcount
  • Tools for aligning returns handling with sustainability goals, like recommerce or recycling
  • Data and intelligence about your returns, including: Products that are returned at unusual rates, total shipping costs, total number of touch points, average cost per return, and more.

“Returns with ReverseLogix are at least 50-60% faster than the previous system.” – Director of Distribution Operations, Global Retailer

Get the ROI Calculator Here

Our customers are always amazed at how fast they save money and time with our RMS – and now you can estimate your own savings!

Use the new ReverseLogix ROI calculator to estimate your ROI and time saved, including how quickly the ReverseLogix RMS could pay for itself. Simply input your estimated cost variables, returns volume and time estimates, and we’ll reveal your potential savings.

“Within days of starting up ReverseLogix, we saw an ROI.” – Leif Revere, director of distribution systems, Genesco