Ship, Track, Notify: How Returns Forwarding Builds Trust with Customers

Ecommerce, Retail
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Your returns portal More consumers have moved their shopping habits online—a trend that started pre-pandemic, accelerated in 2020 as people looked for safer ways to purchase the items they need, and is likely to continue long into the future. For companies, that means you have to be prepared to meet consumers’ needs in an online-first environment.

While you might not be interacting with those customers face-to-face, that doesn’t mean the idea of customer service is dead. In fact, customer service is more important than ever because consumers have more choices than ever. If you are not meeting their needs, they can quickly and easily find another online shop that will. That means you have to work even harder to create an exceptional customer experience on both the front-end at the first purchase, and on the back end if they need to return something after they buy. Returns forwarding services make it easier to keep your staff and your customers in the loop along every step of the returns management chain, and a returns forwarding portal is your company’s best option.

Simple Shipments

At the time a customer initiates their return, the first hurdle you have to help them clear is shipping the item back to your warehouse or facility. It might seem straightforward, but there are a lot of moving parts. Your returns portal should:

  • Allow customers to choose the shipping option(s) and carrier that are most convenient
  • Provide up-to-date tracking from the time it leaves the customer’s house to when it arrives at your location
  • Print labels that streamline tracking once it arrives at your facility

Staying on Track

One of your customers’ biggest fears is putting something in the mail to return it and it gets lost along the way. If that happens, you have to decide whether to give them a refund anyway which can provide a positive experience to a customer who you hope will buy from you again but leaves you at a loss because you never got the item to resell, return to the vendor, or otherwise dispose of it. Accurate tracking keeps everyone in the loop to know when the product will arrive, and allows you to pursue cost remedies with carriers if they are at fault for losing the item.

Constant Communications

We live in an on-demand world, and returns are no different. Consumers expect to be kept in the loop about what is happening at all times, including their returns. It can take up a lot of time for your team to manually inform them about each step. A returns forwarding portal offers automatic notifications to keep everyone—your team and your customers—informed about what’s going on with a return.

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