Your Current Warranty Process Isn’t Working, and Here's Why

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The warranty process is usually not a business owner’s favorite part of the entire supply chain. However, for many businesses it’s not an option to remove warranties, especially those that sell or work with highly complex products and services. Warranties can show your customers that you have confidence in your products and provide reassurance when they are going to spend a lot of money. Unfortunately if you’re not running your warranty process well on the back end, it can quickly become a drain on resources. Here are some of the key reasons most warranty processes fail, and how you can fix it.

Missing and Lost Claims

One of the most frustrating things for consumers is sending a product in to redeem a warranty and having it fall through the cracks. In a world where exceptional customer service is no longer a benefit, and is instead an expectation, failure to keep track of a warranty claim can cost you a lot and could even lead to lost customers and poor reviews. Without reverse logistics software in place to help you manage every warranty claim from start to finish, things can easily fall through the cracks.

Reverse logistics software can instead help everyone on your team to manage the process easily and seamlessly, no matter who they speak to on your customer service team and where the product is in its warranty claim process. Real-time tracking, scheduled services, and automated communication to your team and your customers can keep everything moving smoothly.

It’s Like ‘Groundhog Day’

Does it seem like you’re running into the same issues over and over and over again? For many companies, a lack of formal tracking and reporting in the warranty process leads to customer service and warranty departments dealing with the same problems that never seem to improve. Every returned item costs you money to repair. Tracking information about every claim can help you zero in on problems like:

  • Poor quality from specific manufacturers
  • Recurring issues with certain suppliers or vendors
  • Gaps in your warranty process that lead to internal inefficiencies, slower processes, and higher warranty claims costs

Failure to Streamline the Process

Technology has a lot of potential to help you cut costs and reduce errors. Unfortunately many companies still operate warranty processes without the help of technology. Initiating a warranty claim, tracking shipments, customer data entry, product repair data, updating customer information, sending out customer communications, and other key tasks could easily be automated with the right reverse logistics platform. This can speed up the time from the start of a warranty to shipping it back out and cut your costs dramatically. It can also eliminate opportunities for error, which saves money and time.

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