Are Your Return Policies Discouraging Sales?

Improving return policies encourages sales

Do your return policies make it simple and stress-free for your customers to return products? If not, your business is probably not as profitable as it could be.

Today’s consumers are hesitant to purchase any product, especially in the e-commerce space, if they won’t be able to return it. If a customer can’t return an unwanted or damaged product without an effort, it will be difficult to retain that customer and enjoy all the benefits that return customers provide.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive to revise your return policies and procedures to accomplish these critical objectives.

Why You Need to Review Your Return Policies

Today’s consumers demand a comprehensive returns policy that makes it quick and easy to return products for any reason. Whether it’s simply a matter of the customer not liking the product they purchased or if something was wrong with the merchandise, they need to have the ability to return the item without jumping through multiple hoops.

If you cannot provide that for your customers, you will lose sales.

Even worse, you’ll fail to retain your existing customers unless you provide a simple and intuitive way to facilitate returns. And, as you might know, the cost of converting a new customer is significantly higher than the cost to retain an existing customer.

The Challenge of Offering Favorable Return Policies

Even if you are committed to offering a generous returns policy, you may struggle to design and implement the necessary procedures to make that happen.

Having your team manually handle every customer call or email, issue individual RMAs and arrange for return shipping requires a large team – with hefty labor and shipping costs. Tracking returns, inspecting items as they come in, chasing down discrepancies and issuing customer credits are also critical tasks related to this process.

In fact, these tasks can be so onerous that many businesses simply choose to stick with their current approach, even if it means losing sales and eroding profitability.

How to Simplify & Streamline Returns

You understand why it’s critical to have customer-friendly return policies, but you’re up against a host of challenges to improve your procedures and accomplish this goal.

Fortunately, you can achieve your objectives for improving the returns process without spending a lot of time or money.

By implementing a streamlined technology platform for returns processing, you can take control of every aspect of your after-sales customer service. An effective technology solution will provide the framework for receiving and inspecting items that come in as returns. You’ll have the ability to identify and track discrepancies, putting a stop to the financial losses that occur from over-crediting customers who fail to return the items they requested an RMA for. You can improve customer communications and convert your reverse business into an agile, responsive, revenue-preserving operation.

The ReverseLogix platform offers you all these capabilities and more. Our centralized technology platform is affordable, intuitive and scalable. Even more important, it is highly customizable and integrates with all your current enterprise applications and systems.

Contact ReverseLogix today to request a demo of our cloud-based SaaS solution for streamlining and improving your returns policies and processing.