Lowering Churn and Increasing Retention

Lowering Churn and Increasing Retention

As a top reverse logistics provider, we at ReverseLogix are constantly looking for ways to help you reduce returns loss and reclaim maximum value from your returned products. But that’s not all we’re here for – our assets management and shipping management services, among others, help you build a great image with your customers to organically reduce your churn and raise your customer retention rate.

What are some of the areas you should be emphasizing here? Let’s take a look.

Educate and Engage

When you provide a platform on which customers can not only view your products but also learn more about them and your organization, you’re offering a much more complete experience. Look for ways to allow customers to ask questions, learn more about technical features and generally feel like they’re part of a welcoming community.

Build Trust and Feedback Loops

Shopping in today’s modern age is all about details, and people want the basics easily on display for brand awareness. Maintain solid contact with your customer, including informing them of changes or anything that affects their product.

In addition, look for ways to build in feedback loops for customers. Things like customer satisfaction surveys and other interactive methods will keep customers involved and feeling like they have a real impact on their own experience.

Be Social

Social media is a huge part of the customer experience these days, and you want to be viewed in the most positive light possible here. Nearly 50 percent of people share their negative reviews on social media – how you handle these is a big factor. This is a public stage where you can demonstrate your commitment to your customers.

Customer Experience

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is what sets you apart from your competition. Nearly 90 percent of retail customers are willing to pay up to 25 percent more for a better customer experience, per research – do your best to personalize the experience and offer creative ways to keep them interested.

For more on areas to emphasize to reduce churn, or to learn more about how our reverse logistics platform can help, speak to the pros at ReverseLogix today.