ReverseLogix: The Best Returns Management Software for eCommerce Brands

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eCommerce makes it easier than ever for consumers to switch their loyalty quickly and easily. That’s why every touchpoint matters, including the customer’s experience when making a return. And yet, brands must balance this ease with the very real costs that can creep up without the right tools and automation. Read on to learn why ReverseLogix is the best returns management system for eCommerce brands.

Why Returns Management Matters for Your eCommerce Brand

Warehouse, transportation and order management are critical parts of the supply chain in which  companies have invested millions of dollars. As more consumers and businesses move their spending online, it’s become easier than ever to buy and return products (click here to discover more eCommerce trends that are impacting returns management).

As a result, brands are investing heavily to make returns management more efficient, speed up operations, and improve customer service.  

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Returns management’s impact on brand reputation

A smooth and hassle-free returns process enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, while a complicated or tedious process negatively affects a brand’s image. Statista reports that +60% of consumers would be “hesitant to shop again at a store after a negative return experience.”

Returns processes are crucial for customer loyalty

When it comes to brand reputation and customer loyalty, the experience of returning an item is just as important as the initial purchase. Online returns should be fast and easy, and refunds, credits or exchanges should be hassle-free. Customers understand that not every product will be the perfect fit, but brands must offer a great experience to keep those customers coming back.

Why you need specialized solutions for your eCommerce brand

Traditional returns management processes are often highly manual, time-consuming, error-prone, and lack the scalability needed for a thriving eCommerce business. Investing in a returns management system (RMS) that is specialized for eCommerce returns will give you game-changing levels of automation, speed, and analytics to streamline work, reduce errors, and uncover insights to optimize operations.

What Makes eCommerce Returns Management Different?

eCommerce returns management differs from in-store retail returns in several key ways:

  • Higher return volumes
  • At times, a wider variety of items
  • Higher costs (it’s typically more expensive for a brand to process a return at a warehouse than in a store)

Defining eCommerce returns management

eCommerce returns management refers to the entire process of handling a return, including customer initiation, collection, sorting, inspection, restocking, inventory management, reselling, and everything else in between. 

Components of an effective eCommerce returns process

An effective eCommerce returns process starts with implementing RMS technology that will manage every step of the return’s journey.

  • A clear and fair return policy. The RMS is configured with the rules and exceptions to the policy, guiding consumers and team members through the process.
  • Automatic customer notifications to keep customers updated on the status of their return and refund, credit or exchange.
  • An intuitive online portal (integrated with the RMS) for initiating the return and printing shipping labels (or the option to return to a third-party location without extra packaging).
  • Workflows that are appropriately assigned to differing item categories or SKUs. The RMS automates workflow steps and/or guides team members through a fast and efficient flow.
  • All tasks related to repair, reselling, refurbishment, recycling or recommerce of the return.

Large brands may utilize a 3PL for returns management services. Indeed, returns services are a growing offering among 3PLs, and one that can make returns easier and less costly for eCommerce businesses. Learn why third-party logistics and eCommerce businesses are perfect for each other!

Key Features for an Effective eCommerce Returns Solution

There are several solutions on the market that address certain steps within the eCommerce returns process, but only ReverseLogix solves the entire returns lifecycle for both B2C and B2B brands. Leverage our RMS to create an exceptional eCommerce returns experience!

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An end-to-end streamlined process

An effective eCommerce returns solution orchestrates, manages and streamlines the returns process, from customer initiation to the final resolution.

There are a lot of point solutions that are labeled as an “end-to-end” returns management technology. In reality, many of these systems only focus on the customer experience (not operations) or can’t offer the in-depth data analytics that a true RMS can. Look for a solution that truly handles the entire eCommerce returns process on both the customer side and operations side.

Seamless integration with other platforms & systems

An RMS shines when it comes to integration; it can easily match up with key supply chain software systems including OMS, WMS, TMS, ERP, CRM and even homegrown systems. Thanks to this integration, the RMS becomes the hub of all returns activities. It collects and synthesizes incredible new levels of return data to give you actionable insights into costs, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The power of data: Advanced analytics in real time

Real-time analytics provide eCommerce brands with critical insights into return trends, reasons for returns, and areas for improvement in the returns process. Identify product issues or defects, improve product descriptions to reduce the likelihood of a return, measure sustainability efforts, and the costs of returns management.

Scalability & flexibility to adapt to growth

An RMS can scale up or down depending on your growth or simply the season of the year. Configure claim rules and hierarchies within the RMS to adapt your operations accordingly. Visibility into incoming returns also allows warehouse teams to scale up and process returns faster.

Why Your eCommerce Brand Needs a Returns Management Solution

Enhance the Customer Experience

An RMS ensures a hassle-free eCommerce returns process, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduce operational costs & cost of returns

With automated workflows and faster returns processing, an RMS lowers the cost of returns management and can quickly pay for itself.  

Gain actionable insights from real-time data

Leverage data and analytics to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, return trends, and product performance, enabling you to make informed decisions and improve your offerings.

Why ReverseLogix is the Best Returns Management Software for You

The ReverseLogix eCommerce solution is purpose-built eCommerce returns management software for online businesses. Quick to implement, integrate, and train employees on, ReverseLogix transforms returns management into a more efficient, fast and seamless part of your supply chain.

Comprehensive eCommerce returns solution

ReverseLogix offers a comprehensive returns management solution that covers the entire returns process, from initiation to resolution, to ensure a seamless and efficient returns experience for customers. In fact, it’s the only RMS on the market that fully addresses the lifecycle of a return for both B2C and B2B eCommerce brands.

Easy integration that meets industry standards

ReverseLogix provides easy integration with other platforms and systems to exceed industry standards and expectations for smooth returns management. ReverseLogix works with your existing eCommerce platform, CRM, and other systems for smooth data flow and operational efficiency.

User-friendly interface for easy use

ReverseLogix not only offers an intuitive interface for customers, but it’s extremely easy for team members to learn and to use. As the backbone of your returns operations, it’s critical for team members to easily adopt the RMS into their work. Go here to read 3 reasons why warehouse employees love ReverseLogix!

Scalability for your growing brand

ReverseLogix offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to the growing needs of eCommerce brands, ensuring a seamless and efficient returns process as your business navigates the ups and downs of the market.