ReverseLogix vs Loop Returns: The Loop Returns Alternative

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Vast Warehouse Space Stocked Full of Inventory & Returns

Returns management software isn’t a one-size-fits-all. If you’re a retailer, eCommerce site, manufacturer or 3PL, you’ll want to consider: The volume of your returns business, your business goals (e.g. lowering costs or improving sustainability metrics), and any partner or vendor considerations.

Lots of vendors offer reverse logistics solutions, but there are big differences between who they serve and how they handle returns management. In this article, we compare Loop Returns and the ReverseLogix returns management system (RMS).

The Loop Returns Alternative that makes Returns Management Easy

ReverseLogix is a comprehensive, end-to-end returns management system that’s custom built for both B2C and B2B operations. Relied upon by large enterprises throughout the world, it manages large volumes of returns across client geographies and networks.

Loop Returns shines most strongly with smaller B2C businesses, especially retailers that rely on the Shopify eCommerce platform. It facilitates returns and exchanges, and provides a clean, customer-facing experience.

A Streamlined Returns Management Solution

Rather than rely on separate software systems for consumer returns, B2B returns, processing, resale or disposition, ReverseLogix does it all. No more point systems. No need to rip-and-replace anything. ReverseLogix orchestrates the entire returns process from start to finish. It integrates with your existing supply chain software tech stack, pushing and pulling data to finally give you an accurate picture of returns activities, costs and opportunities.

Here’s what ReverseLogix Customers have to Say

“One of the reasons we chose ReverseLogix was because we could use it in many of our facilities, whether that was with our 3PL partner, in our own warehouses, and potentially in other countries.”
– Director of distribution operations, global retailer 

“By being able to track the productivity of the repair centers, we can hold them accountable not only to quality but also turnaround time to ensure the consumers are getting bags fixed and back in their hands quickly.”
– Stephanie Kalch, senior director of customer service of North America, Samsonite

“I don’t know where our life would be without ReverseLogix right now.”
– Scott Allington, inbound and return goods supervisor, Amer Sports

Why Choose ReverseLogix?

We believe most companies spend too much to manage their returns. We believe many returns can be avoided, resold or re-used to minimize waste and recoup value. We believe a customer’s return experience is an opportunity to delight and strengthen brand loyalty.

Smarter, automated returns management

Lower costs and free up employee time by automating manual return tasks. Our configurable workflows guide and direct employees at every step, including inspecting, grading and repairs. Based on your returns data and priorities, speed up disposition time and get returns into the hands of another happy customer.

ReverseLogix RMS even offers auto-routing for product returns, making decision-making around returns faster and more consistent.

“I’d say [ReverseLogix] doubles the amount of returns we used to be able to do.”

Hayden Rice, returns specialist, Amer Sports

If you’re a B2B company with a partner or distributor network, use ReverseLogix to standardize rules and policies for returns and processes. Improve efficiency, reduce fraud, and give B2B customers an easy, B2C-like experience.

 A global appliance company replaced its manual returns processes with ReverseLogix to standardize returns initiation for its distributors. With this improved and detailed returns process, the company soon learned that some returned items were counterfeit products. They identified customers who abused the policy and significantly reduced return costs.

A better experience for B2C and B2B customers

While Loop Returns focuses on the B2C space, our RMS is your solution for B2C, B2B, or even hybrid operations. Beautifully branded, intuitive customer portals make returns easy for consumers or dealers. Automated notifications keep everyone informed about return statuses, reducing calls and emails to customer service teams.

New Revenue Opportunities

Product returns can be huge opportunities for new revenue streams and audience reach.

For third-party logistics providers (3PLs): By offering returns services, 3PLs can create a win-win scenario for themselves and their customers! Customers can offload returns management to their trusted 3PL partner while getting resellable products back into the marketplace. 3PLs can offer a new service that distinguishes them from them from the pack, with a flexible RMS that meets wide-ranging customer needs.

For recommerce: The recommerce market is growing fast, and ReverseLogix RMS makes it easier than ever to automatically determine whether a product can be resold. Instantly post items to your own recommerce site or third-party marketplace.

ReverseLogix vs Loop Returns Feature Comparison

Here’s a helpful comparison chart to review ReverseLogix features vs Loop Returns Features

ReverseLogix features vs Loop Returns Features


If your organization doesn’t have sustainability goals, a partner or customer probably does. Show how you are minimizing waste and emissions by tracking product returns. Only the ReverseLogix RMS helps you measure and compare sustainability metrics and then prioritize disposition methods (including reselling, repairing or recycling). Our RMS data also helps you catch product issues faster based on returns data, so you can meet customer needs the first time and avoid resource-intensive returns.

Reverse logistics and sustainability


The secondhand fashion market is expected to grow 127% by 2026 – don’t lose out on selling your returns and reaching a younger audience who prizes used goods! ReverseLogix RMS is your cornerstone technology for an efficient, profitable and automated recommerce program.

Analytics & Tracking

Loop Returns offers data about return reason codes and post-purchase behavior. But only ReverseLogix offers in-depth reporting and tracking. Because our RMS manages the entire returns lifecycle, our clients get detailed, in-depth insights. Go here to learn about tracking metrics for returns.

Returns Management Software for Every Industry

ReverseLogix RMS is purpose-built to help the following industries optimize returns management.


Big growth in eCommerce purchases has led to big growth in return volumes. ReverseLogix offers consistent, configurable and simplified returns management for B2B, B2C or hybrid eCommerce enterprises. Read more about our returns management solutions for eCommerce.


3PLs get a win-win when offering returns management services! ReverseLogix is built for a 3PL’s multi-client operations. Improve return management efficiency and lower customer costs while adding a new revenue stream for your organization.

According to the ReverseLogix Reverse Logistics Technology Study, the vast majority of companies that use a 3PL for returns management are glad they are outsourcing returns. They cite flexibility, cost efficiency, and resource efficiency as the reasons for choosing 3PL return services.


B2B returns processes are notoriously complicated. But manufacturers can offer a B2C-like experience with ReverseLogix: Manage return-to-vendor items, perform repairs and refurbishments, and complete put-aways. With an RMS, our customers have saved millions of dollars by avoiding over-crediting and vendor policy abuse.


Finally, retailers have a single system to manage all returns across stores, eCommerce sites, micro-fulfillment centers and partner networks. With fast and easy returns, retailers strengthen brand loyalty, generate more referrals, and achieve higher lifetime customer value.


Our open APIs enable seamless integrations with your key systems, giving you full visibility into returns.

How it works with supply chain software systems

The ReverseLogix RMS ties together supply chain software systems that touch a product return. Our RMS serves as the central hub of all returns tasks, data and analytics because it gathers information from your essential systems.

  • Connect your Order Management System (OMS): Streamline returns management from all sales channels, from start to finish. 
  • Connect your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): For manufacturers and DCs, get clearer visibility into operations.
  • Connect your Warehouse Management System (WMS): Enhance inventory visibility while optimizing fulfillment operations, from the DC to the store, dealer or customer.

How it works with other third-party systems

ReverseLogix features out-of-the-box integrations with world-class systems for point-of-sale, eCommerce, shipping and more.

  • Shopify
  • Woo Commerce
  • FedEx
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • NetSuite
  • Magento
  • Salesforce

Customer Case Studies

Global retailer processes returns 50-60% faster with ReverseLogix

A global brand of men’s and women’s footwear was struggling to keep up with returns volume and inventory management across +115 direct retail stores in the U.S., +300 international locations, as well as online, department store and specialty retail partners. Its SAP platform couldn’t manage the complexity.

The retailer chose the ReverseLogix returns management system (RMS). “One of the reasons we chose ReverseLogix was because we could use it in many of our facilities, whether that was with our 3PL partner, in our own warehouses, and potentially in other countries,” said the retailer’s director of distribution operations.

The retailer segmented the work with ReverseLogix into three projects:

  1. Transition from SAP to ReverseLogix for wholesale and retail returns.
  2. Build out a new system for digital returns based on ReverseLogix technology, plus integration with a WMS and the 3PLs’ systems.     
  3. Implement ReverseLogix for Canada-based item returns, as well as integrate it with NetSuite.

The results:

  • ReverseLogix was integrated with 3PL partner systems, NetSuite, and other supply chain software that included a home-grown solution.
  • Returns processing automation and inventory accuracy improved with the ability to receive and track every carton in the warehouse.
  • Employees can now sort large returns ahead of time and send them to storage. Sorts are now done in ReverseLogix instead of in a pick module, which has improved throughput.
  • Fast user adoption by the client’s name and 3PL partner team.
  • Fewer steps for product dispositioning

“Returns with ReverseLogix are at least 50-60% faster than the previous system.”

Director of Distribution Operations, Global Retailer

Genesco gets a near-immediate ROI with returns visibility

Genesco Inc. is a footwear focused, Nashville-based specialty retailer and branded company with more than 1,400 stores throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland. It is the parent company of the Journeys brand, among others.  

Genesco’s largest facility is a Journeys distribution center that was challenged with slow, labor-intensive returns management. They selected the ReverseLogix RMS to manage more efficient returns with a single platform.

“…We can go into one system and not have to do three or four other systems that we were doing previously. We just log into one and start the return and finish it all in one system.”

Erin Johnson, senior returns and vendor compliance manager

Within days of going live, they saw an ROI.

  • Time for processing a return is one-fifth the time it took before ReverseLogix.
  • Employees use ReverseLogix to see where returns have been initiated, if they’ve shipped out, and whether the item is at the warehouse.
  • Planning has significantly improved because of the visibility into returns initiation data and the items’ location. Staffing can be planned for the day or week, depending on how many returns are expected.