ReverseLogix vs Narvar: Discover the Narvar Alternative

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Choosing a returns management system (RMS) requires careful considerations of a vendor’s capabilities, flexibility and team. The right fit will help you streamline reverse logistics operations, automate processes, improve the customer experience, and make tasks much faster and easier for employees.

The Complete Narvar Alternative

ReverseLogix is an end-to-end returns management system (RMS) purpose-built for B2C, B2B, and hybrid environments. It’s an excellent Narvar returns technology alternative because ReverseLogix is more comprehensive, with the ability to handle the entire returns process from start to finish. Let’s take a look at how Narvar and ReverseLogix returns management software compares.

Returns Management Made Easy

Traditionally, returns management for retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs and eCommerce companies has been a challenge because it requires using multiple point systems. Different systems are needed to process RMAs, orchestrate workflows, and initiate the customer refund or exchange.

Secondly, there has typically been very limited data into a company’s returns processes. Most returns management solutions fail to collect data that helps answer the most important returns management questions, such as:

  • Do some products have higher return rates than others?
  • What should the warehouse expect this week for return volumes?
  • Does staffing need to scale up?
  • How much does a return actually cost the company by category or SKU?
  • Should returns be resold, recycled, recommerced or landfilled in order to balance cost with sustainability goals?

Only ReverseLogix orchestrates and manages the entire, end-to-end returns process for B2C or B2B companies without the need for other point solutions. With this reach into the full lifecycle of a return, the ReverseLogix RMS gathers data and insights that answer all of the questions above, and more.

RMS Feature Comparison

Here’s a helpful comparison chart to review ReverseLogix features vs Narvar features.

Analytics & Tracking

Only ReverseLogix offers an alternative with real-time tracking and insights across the entire returns journey. While Narvar can gather data focused on the customer journey (which is important), it is not able to collect and aggregate data from across a return’s lifecycle.


As the environmental impact of product returns becomes more concerning to companies and to consumers, companies with strong sustainability goals and outcomes will win out. ReverseLogix RMS gives you the tools to 1) sustainably manage product returns while maximizing resell, repair and recycling opportunities and 2) better meet customer needs the first time – avoiding resource-intensive returns in the first place.

Returns Management Software for Every Industry

Only ReverseLogix can manage B2C, B2C and hybrid return environments. Purpose-built with configurable and flexible workflows, we help the following industries optimize returns management.


With ReverseLogix, manufacturers efficiently process returns, return-to-vendor items, perform repairs and refurbishments, and complete put-aways. These advantages are especially critical as B2B purchasing moves online: Per McKinsey, 70% of B2B decision-makers say they would make new, fully self-serve, or remote purchases of more than $50,000 online.


ReverseLogix gives retailers a single system to manage all returns, across stores, online sites, microfulfillment centers and partner networks. The RMS integrates with other supply chain systems to manage each return and gather valuable data about your returns operations.

“Within days of starting up ReverseLogix, we saw an ROI.”

Leif Revere, Director of Distribution Systems, Genesco

eCommerce brands

The growth in eCommerce spending has resulted in a rise in product returns volumes. In fact, some eCommerce product categories have return rates as high as 30%!

This costs sellers in terms of money, time, packaging, and waste. With ReverseLogix, eCommerce companies can create and automate returns rules to speed up employee decisions.

“Returns with ReverseLogix are at least 50-60% faster than the previous system.”

Director of Distribution Operations, Global Retailer

Third-party logistics providers (3PLs)

3PLs get a win-win when offering returns management services to customers.

  •  Customers get to offload returns management, save money, and gain new insights with ReverseLogix BI and analytics.  
  • For the 3PL, returns management is a huge differentiator and value-added service that customers are willing to pay for.

ReverseLogix RMS is built for multi-client operations, increasing operational efficiencies across your locations. By improving the returns process for customers, you increase their profitability and strengthen your partnership and loyalty.

How it works

A returns management system is the last piece of the supply chain software puzzle. It integrates and connects all systems to give you new insights into your return reasons, operations, costs, and opportunities for improvement.

How an RMS fits into the supply chain puzzle

ReverseLogix integrations

ReverseLogix out-of-the-box integrations include industry-leading solutions, including eCommerce and point-of-sale systems. Integrations with supply chain and operational software is key for maximizing the power of your RMS.

Customer Case Studies

Samsonite improves warranty and repairs

Samsonite is the world’s #1 luggage manufacturer. Its products are rigorously tested for stringent quality control standards. Samsonite wanted to improve the warranty and repair experience for both its customers and its back-end operations.

The company chose to partner with ReverseLogix to achieve these goals. The ReverseLogix RMS offers:

  • Integration with systems such as Salesforce and SAP
  • User-friendly consumer journey
  • Reporting and ability to track returns
  • Visibility into warranty initiation and the full customer journey
  • Data and reporting to understand consumer behavior and product performance

“When we turned ReverseLogix on, it was instant visibility into the warranty volume that we had,” said Stephanie Kalch, Samsonite’s senior director of customer service of North America.

  • ReverseLogix has enhanced, streamlined and improved every aspect of the warranty and repairs experience across Samsonite’s network.
  •  For consumers: An easier returns experience, including self-service options and automated communications
  •  For Samsonite repair centers and partners: Better visibility into repair reasons, trends, and improved efficiency
  • For Samsonite: Visibility into repair centers’ productivity, leading to better tracking and accountability.

Seeing these improvements, Samsonite now plans to scale ReverseLogix to its eCommerce returns management.

Amer Sports chooses ReverseLogix RMS for B2B and B2C returns

Amer Sports is a global sporting goods company with brands such as Salomon, Arc’teryx, Peak Performance, Atomic and Wilson. Its products are sold directly to consumers through brand stores, factory outlets, and online, as well as through trade customers in sporting goods chains.

Amer Sports relied on ReverseLogix for its B2B returns and had great success. Next, it applied the RMS to the B2C side of the business where product returns are more complicated to process.

Today, Amer Sports has a single returns management platform that orchestrates and automates the entire B2C returns process.

  • Amer Sports has doubled the amount of returns it can process
  • Customers get refunds or credits faster
  • Team managers have better insight into employee productivity
  • New visibility into arrival queues informs smarter staffing strategies
  • The intuitive RMS is easy to learn, which makes scaling up during the holiday season fast and efficient

ReverseLogix User Reviews and Testimonials

“Our decision for ReverseLogix was driven by the idea of having an end-to-end solution for the whole process flow, covering the needs of our consumers with a state-of-the-art returns process for our operational needs.”
– Kai Bahlman, vice president of warehousing at Amer Sports

“I can plan my manpower for the day or week, because all I need to do is look on ReverseLogix and it’ll tell me how many returns we’re expecting between my two different areas of returns.”
– Erin Johnson, senior returns and vendor compliance manager, Genesco

“Satisfaction both internally and externally was evident on day one.”
– Leif Revere, director of distribution center system, Genesco.

“I’d say [ReverseLogix] doubles the amount of returns we used to be able to do.”
– Hayden Rice, returns specialist, Amer Sports

“Returns with ReverseLogix are at least 50-60% faster than the previous system.”
– Director of distribution operations, global retailer  

“I don’t know where our life would be without ReverseLogix right now.”
– Scott Allington, inbound and return goods supervisor, Amer Sports

“When we turned ReverseLogix on, it was instant visibility into the warranty volume that we had.”
– Stephanie Kalch, senior director of customer service of North America, Samsonite

“One of the reasons we chose ReverseLogix was because we could use it in many of our facilities, whether that was with our 3PL partner, in our own warehouses, and potentially in other countries.”
– Director of distribution operations, global retailer  

“ReverseLogix allows us and Samsonite to track what parts may need more attention than others, what parts are used more, what parts may be more defective than other parts. It allows us to prepare for what’s coming next.”
– Daniel Tsveer, manager, Peter & Sons Luggage Service (high-volume Samsonite repair center)

“We have really robust reporting that’s relevant to many teams throughout the company. The credit team uses ReverseLogix for reporting; the customer service team relies on it to see whether returns have been processed; even our manager who oversees our 3PL partner uses ReverseLogix for insight.”
– Director of distribution operations, global retailer