Peak Returns Season Preparation with ReverseLogix

The busiest shopping season of the year is also the busiest season for gift returns: Warehouses and stores become swamped with products that are being returned, repaired or exchanged. Customer satisfaction must be balanced with handling each return as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible to minimize revenue loss.

Read on to learn how ReverseLogix makes Peak Returns Season a merrier time of year!

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Expect an Increase in Holiday Returns

Although analysts predict larger 2023 retail sales compared to 2022, the peak season for buying and returning is likely to happen earlier. A recent survey found that 50% of consumers expect to start holiday shopping before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They want to take advantage of retail promotions and discounts, as well as stay ahead of potential supply chain issues that impacted them in past years.

eCommerce shopping offers a fast and convenient way to price compare, and many retailers are optimistic following Amazon’s record-breaking Prime Day in 2023. eCommerce retailers must also factor in the high return rates for online purchases with the need to sell items profitably and quickly.

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Return Management’s Importance During Peak Season

Preparing for a surge in online shopping and returns requires comprehensive, flexible, and purpose-built returns management technology. A returns management system (RMS) streamlines, manages and orchestrates your entire returns operations, whether they are in store, online, on a third-party marketplace, or all of the above.

Lessen a customer’s disappointment with having to make a return by taking advantage of the new opportunity to engage with them. An RMS customer returns portal facilitates a smooth return, keeps customers updated with automatic notifications about their return status, and speeds up back-end processes so that refunds, credits or exchanges can be done more quickly.

Just as important, an RMS lessens a retailer’s financial loss on a return. With configurable workflows and rules, warehouse, store, and even 3PL teams are guided step-by-step on receiving, inspecting, grading and processing a return. The result: A consistent, fast, and standardized process for smoothing out the peak season rush.

Effective Returns Management with ReverseLogix

The ReverseLogix returns management system (RMS) is your essential supply chain software for returns management – during Peak Season and beyond!

In contrast to point solutions that only address one part of the returns lifecycle, ReverseLogix is a comprehensive returns management system that owns the entire returns journey.

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Configurable rules and workflows for inspection, processing, repairs, recycling, after-sales care and more

The ability to take in complex rules and auto-route returns

Automated customer notifications

Intuitive customer returns portal

Seamless integration with your other supply chain software (OMS, WMS, ERP, etc.) to manage the entire returns process

Easy-to-use software that makes your team’s job easier and faster

Out-of-the-box integrations with key sales systems, such as Salesforce, Shopify, FedEx, NetSuite, Oracle, WooCommerce and many more

Unprecedented data, reporting, and analytics so you know the true cost of your returns, opportunities to improve, and where your teams shine

The ReverseLogix RMS even manages recommerce programs. Recommerce sites have grown substantially in recent years due to customer demand and sustainability concerns. Recommerce sites are sure to be popular shopping destinations for the holidays.

“I’d say [ReverseLogix] doubles the amount of returns we used to be able to do. It’s a lot faster process so customers get their money back faster.”

— Hayden Rice, returns specialist, Amer Sports

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Key Takeaways to Prepare for Peak Returns Season

A lot of factors will influence holiday shopping and returns, but regardless of the season’s trends, robust and flexible returns management software will automate your processes, reduce cost, and ensure your teams are effective.

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Calculate Your ROI with ReverseLogix RMS

Prepare for peak returns season now! ReverseLogix manages your entire returns process, from start to finish. No more point solutions, inefficiencies, or guesswork! Use our ROI calculator to see what your own cost savings could be.