As a third-party logistics firm (3PL), you know that you fill a critical role in helping companies who need to outsource logistics to the experts. But even with all that expertise, sometimes 3PL companies need some help managing everything that goes into the forward and reverse logistics chains. ReverseLogix software platform is designed for all the challenges that you face.

Reverse logistics software for 3PLs

Providing Exceptional Service

With the explosion in 3PL services available, companies offering these services must do their part to take care of clients. Some of the best ways to maintain the trust of your clients include:


Bi-directional communication between you and your clients keeps everyone updated on what’s happening with specific products, shipments, fulfillment, reverse logistics, and other essential services. ReverseLogix automates much of the communication so your team doesn’t have to spend a lot of time manually sending emails or making phone calls, and your clients get all the information they need to make critical business decisions.


Creating customized reports for each client allows you to provide the information that is meaningful and useful. You can track specific KPIs for individual clients and provide automated and in-depth reports about your performance on these metrics at regular intervals to build client confidence.

Cost Control

Your clients trust you with their forward and reverse logistics because they believe you can provide superior service and expertise at a lower cost than what they would pay to do it internally. With simple reports and clear and transparent information available in the ReverseLogix platform you can easily access and share the details of the value you provide.

Building Your Business


In addition to communicating with customers about the services and value you provide, the software you use should also help build your 3PL business. You must be able to accurately track information for multiple client accounts and streamline your internal operations to ensure cost-effective service. ReverseLogix modular software allows you to build the ideal system for your business based on your unique needs. The scalable system allows you to coordinate multiple warehouse or shipping locations, reduce freight and transportation costs, and automate key parts of the process to keep employee and labor costs manageable.


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