ReverseLogix vs. Optoro: An Alternative RMS to Optoro

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Warehouse Inventory and Packages Move Across Conveyor Belts

ReverseLogix and Optoro are both providers of returns management solutions that orchestrate and coordinate the lifecycle of a product return. However, there are key differences in the capabilities, use cases, and flexibility of each solution. 

In this article, you’ll learn the similarities and differences as we compare the ReverseLogix returns management system (RMS) with Optoro’s capabilities. 

A Complete Returns Management System Alternative to Optoro

The ReverseLogix RMS is an end-to-end solution that is purpose-built for B2C, B2B, and hybrid environments. Unlike Optoro, ReverseLogix can manage B2B returns or B2B/B2C hybrid environments for global brands. This includes not only retailers and eCommerce, but manufacturers and 3PLs.

“We were looking to significantly upgrade our legacy platform handling B2B and B2C returns from around the world….we decided to pursue a more specialized partner who grasps the complexity of reverse logistics.”

– Martin Hartvigsen, VP of Support and Services, Jabra

Product returns involve more than apparel. As B2B eCommerce sales increase, so does the need for purpose-built returns management software that can manage B2B’s unique needs. Organizations around the world have implemented the ReverseLogix RMS to successfully manage:  

  • Electronics and serialized product returns
  • In-warranty and out-of-warranty products
  • Global 3PL environments serving diverse customers and products

By implementing the ReverseLogix RMS at warehouses, DCs, stores, or partner 3PLs facilities, our customers are able to coordinate and orchestrate the entire returns processes. 

“One of the reasons we chose ReverseLogix was because we could use it in many of our facilities, whether that was with our 3PL partner, in our own warehouses, and potentially in other countries.”

– Director Distribution Operations, Global Retailer

Easier and More Comprehensive Returns Management

ReverseLogix was the first purpose-built returns platform able to manage the lifecycle of a return. Even today, companies are piecing together different systems for managing returns – or are trying to use a WMS. As a result, they can’t get visibility into their processes, costs, or data. It’s impossible to answer questions such as:  

  • How much do returns cost my company?
  • Are some of our facilities processing returns better than others?
  • Is return fraud a problem? 
  • Which products are being returned more often and why? 
  • Do we need to scale up staffing to handle inbound returns? 

ReverseLogix and Optoro RMS Feature Comparison

The ReverseLogix RMS has more features and more capabilities, giving you a more comprehensive solution for your end-to-end returns management needs. 

CapabilityReturns Management Solution Provider
B2C InitiationXX
B2B InitiationX 
RecommerceX X
Light WMS capabilitiesX X
In-store appX 
Forward trackingX
Returns Consolidation X

Deep analytics and reporting across the return lifecycle

Only ReverseLogix offers real-time tracking and insights across the entire return journey. The ReverseLogix RMS integrates with your supply chain software tech stack, including eCommerce and shipping applications. This broad integration allows the RMS to view, gather, and report on returns data that helps you answer key returns questions to help you make better business decisions. 

In fact, ReverseLogix is the only RMS that manages the entire returns process for B2C or B2B companies without the need for other point solutions.

Go here to see the top metrics to track for improving processes, supporting corporate sustainability goals, and for lower returns costs with the ReverseLogix RMS. 

Product returns and sustainability

The environmental impact of product returns is a significant concern for consumers and companies: B2C and B2B eCommerce have high return rates, which has resulted in more packaging, waste, transportation emissions, and more items in landfills. 

ReverseLogix RMS gives you the data and insight to proactively reduce the likelihood of returns. But for unavoidable returns, ReverseLogix enables you to sustainably disposition them while maximizing the potential for repair, resale, recycling or recommerce

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Returns Management Software for B2B and B2C

ReverseLogix is the only RMS provider on the market that can manage the lifecycle of a return in B2C, B2B or hybrid return environments for 3PLs, eCommerce, retail and manufacturers. 

Purpose-built with flexibility and configurable workflows, the following industries choose ReverseLogix to optimize returns management.

Returns management for third-party logistics providers (3PLs)

Returns management services is a growing business line for 3PLs, and a significant, value-added differentiator. The ReverseLogix Reverse Logistics Technology Study found that companies that outsource returns to 3PLs do so because of better flexibility (scaling services up or down depending on return volumes and seasonality), cost efficiency, and resource efficiency. It frees up their teams to focus on their core business rather than returns management.  

Managing returns for manufacturers

With a new generation taking over leadership roles, it’s not surprising that McKinsey is reporting that 70% of B2B decision-makers say they would make purchases of +$50,000 online. 

Whether buying or returning, those B2B buyers expect a B2C experience. With ReverseLogix RMS, manufacturers are efficiently processing returns, return-to-vendor items, performing repairs and refurbishments, and completing put-aways. 

For those with large partner networks, ReverseLogix RMS is key to ensuring returns are legit and preventing returns fraud.

Returns management solutions for retailers

ReverseLogix gives retailers a single system to manage omnichannel returns. The RMS integrates with other supply chain systems to manage each return and gather valuable data about returns operations.

“Returns with ReverseLogix are at least 50-60% faster than the previous system.”

– Director of Distribution Operations, Global Retailer

For those with recommerce programs, ReverseLogix RMS can be the cornerstone of your program and efficiently auto-route and manage returns. 

A woman standing in a retail store taking inventory.

Providing returns management for eCommerce brands

Automation and flexibility are key in the fast-moving world of eCommerce. Only the ReverseLogix RMS can be configured according to your rules (even those specific to a store or location), and auto-route your products. Learn more about how ReverseLogix auto-routes returns. 

“We found a partner who is truly a subject matter expert in their field.”

– Martin Hartyigsen, VP of Support and Services, Jabra

How our returns management platform works 

ReverseLogix integrates and connects with your key supply chain systems to give you insights into return operations, return queues, costs, sustainability metrics, and opportunities for improvement. Along with OMS, WMS, TMS, and other systems, it is the final piece of the puzzle for optimizing your reverse supply chain. 

ReverseLogix integrations

ReverseLogix integrates with industry-leading solutions, including eCommerce and point-of-sale systems. This is key for maximizing the visibility, power, and data-gathering of your RMS!

ReverseLogix Customer Examples

ReverseLogix and Pitney Bowes announce partnership for consolidated returns services

Pitney Bowes is a global shipping and mailing company that serves more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500. Its partnership with ReverseLogix RMS will streamline these services and substantially lower shipping costs for ReverseLogix customers, reduce packaging waste, and get customers their refunds faster. Read the full details of the partnership here. 

“According to our recent BOXpoll survey, online return costs for retailers averages 21 percent of the order value. This is driven by growing return rates, increased parcel volume, and higher postal costs. Through this partnership we unlock the best shipping rates available for ReverseLogix customers while simultaneously adding a new returns management service for Pitney Bowes. By enabling the ReverseLogix RMS within our network, we will uncover game changing insights into returns trends that we can offer to our customers and partners.”

– Gregg Zegras, EVP and President, Global Ecommerce at Pitney Bowes

Jabra uses ReverseLogix RMS for B2C and B2B returns management

Jabra is a world leader in audio, video, and collaboration solutions. The company relies on ReverseLogix to efficiently manage its complex B2B and B2C returns from customers around the world. 

Watch the video to hear how they streamlined workflows, improved customer satisfaction scores, and gained a “future-proof solution” with the ReverseLogix returns management system. 

ReverseLogix User Reviews and Testimonials

“The ReverseLogix team and solution have a proven track record of reducing cost, speeding up processes, and allowing flexibility to meet our customers’ specific needs.”
– Scott Paul, CEO of Premier LogiTech

“I’d say [ReverseLogix] doubles the amount of returns we used to be able to do.”
– Hayden Rice, Returns Specialist, Amer Sports

“Our decision for ReverseLogix was driven by the idea of having an end-to-end solution for the whole process flow, covering the needs of our consumers with a state-of-the-art returns process for our operational needs.”
– Kai Bahlmann, Vice President of Warehousing at Amer Sports

“With the ReverseLogix solution, we have been able to increase our customer satisfaction scores significantly.”
– Martin Hartvigsen, VP of Support and Services, Jabra

“To keep pace with our growth and meet customers’ needs, we knew our returns operations had to go to the next level. We can now offer a returns experience that reflects the level of service and ease that our customers expect from us. Our employees are happier because they can do their jobs more quickly and easily. It’s a win-win, and ReverseLogix has been a terrific partner for us every step of the way.”
– Greg Morrison, IT Project Manager at Coolibar

“I don’t know where our life would be without ReverseLogix right now.”
– Scott Allington, Inbound and Return Goods Supervisor, Amer Sports