Misconceptions on Serial Returners

Misconceptions on Serial Returners

As eCommerce sales continue to skyrocket all over the world, there’s a huge emphasis being placed on retailers to understand customer needs. At ReverseLogix Logistics, our return technology can be a big part of this, as it helps spot trends in returns and customer behavior that can be vital for your business.

What are some of the trends that some retailers have identified through additional resources spent in this area? As it turns out, some of them might be very different than you had imagined. Let’s look at these, and how our return management platform can play a role.

Serial Returners

To protect themselves from being taken advantage of, many retailers have developed generalized personas for what are known as “serial returners.” There are a few types of these:

  • Those who purchase fancy items, use them once or twice and then return them.
  • Those who purchase products just to try them on, with no intention of keeping them.
  • People who order multiple sizes and colors of a product just to see what works, then return the rest.

First things first: These customers do exist, and they can be harmful to a growing brand. However, some retailers are seeing the trees and missing the forest here – these kinds of returns generally only account for a very small percentage of overall returns. In reality, the majority of customer returns can be traced back to the retailer, not the customer.

Mostly Retailers’ Fault

An estimated 65 percent of all returns are generally the fault of the retailer. This happens through three primary faults: Sending the wrong product, inaccurately depicting the product, or sending a damaged product.

Within the wrong product category, issues may include the wrong color, the wrong size or simply a different product than what was ordered. For inaccurate description, this could mean visuals didn’t correspond to the actual product, sizing charts were inaccurate, or product descriptions were inaccurate.

So while some customers can be very frustrating when it comes to returns, remember that they’re only a small part of it. If you can improve processes elsewhere, you’ll still be in great shape even if you have some serial returners.

For more on return trends, or to find out about how our reverse logistics services can help, speak to the pros at ReverseLogix Logistics today.