Returnly Customers: Move Beyond a Point Solution to a Holistic Returns Management Platform

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It was recently announced that returns technology provider Returnly will sunset by the fall of 2023. If you’re a Returnly customer looking for a new system for eCommerce returns, you’re in the driver’s seat!

You now have a huge opportunity to find a returns management solution that is more comprehensive and delivers a bigger ROI than the Returnly point solution.

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Optimizing Returns Management Beyond Returnly’s Returns Initiation

A fast and easy returns initiation process is certainly important for customer satisfaction. Whether they request a return, exchange, or refund, the returns initiation process should be self-serve, intuitive, and keep customers informed with automated notifications.

But what if your returns management technology could go beyond the limits of a point solution for returns initiation? What if it could manage the entire lifecycle of the return, from initiation through receiving, inspection, processing and disposition?

The limitations of a point solution

A point solution like Returnly was good for returns initiation, but that’s only a narrow slice of the returns lifecycle. 

An end-to-end returns management system (RMS) is a flexible technology platform that manages every aspect of a return:

  • Returns initiation
  • Fully branded customer portal
  • Configurable, guided workflows to make tasks easy for warehouse employees
  • Robust rules engine that manages your company policies, claims rules, vendor entitlements and approval hierarchies
  • Integrates with other supply chain systems: WMS, ERP, OMS, TMS, etc.
  • For use across your network, including stores, warehouses, DCs, and 3PL partner facilities
  • Robust returns data and reporting, including key metrics for productivity, cost, sustainability, customer return reasons, and much more

As your business evolves, a returns initiation point solution won’t serve you for long. Instead of adding costly solutions piecemeal, prepare for growth and change now with a flexible RMS that meets your needs today and far into the future.

The opportunity for growth

An RMS manages, orchestrates, and reports on the entire returns process. It’s scalable to your needs, so you can start with the capabilities you need today and add capabilities according to your budget and timeline. Improve margin beyond returns initiation!

Why choose ReverseLogix for returns management

To truly transform their returns processes, we give our clients a comprehensive returns management solution. ReverseLogix RMS is a single platform that delivers everything you need for end-to-end returns automation, including recommerce and after-sales care management.

  • No limitations on locations, geographies or product types
  • Ability to route returns to multiple locations, including cross-border returns
  • Automate and configure workflows by location, customer and product
  • An RMS is an intuitive solution that delights employees
  • Automation for returns operations speeds up processing and decreases human errors
  • Customizable URLs, facilitate credits/exchanges, as well as in-store returns and in-store credit
  • Get repairs, parts and warranty management
  • Set rules and policies for partners, so you standardize returns across your network
  • Leverage recommerce opportunities to recoup the cost of a return, minimize waste, and reach new audiences who value secondhand items
  • Sustainability-focused metrics enable you to measure outcomes and stay aligned with your company’s sustainability efforts

Some have suggested that Returnly customers should move to Loop Returns for returns initiation needs. If you only want a point solution that solves one specific problem, that might work for you. But if you want a holistic answer to all of your returns management needs, it’s time to consider ReverseLogix RMS.

ReverseLogix features vs Loop Returns Features

“I’d say [ReverseLogix] doubles the amount of returns we used to be able to do.”

Hayden Rice, returns specialist, Amer Sports

“I can plan my manpower for the day or week, because all I need to do is look on ReverseLogix and it’ll tell me how many returns we’re expecting between my two different areas of returns.”

Erin Johnson, senior returns and vendor compliance manager, Genesco

“Returns with ReverseLogix are at least 50-60% faster than the previous system.”

Director of distribution operations, global retailer

“ReverseLogix allows us and Samsonite to track what parts may need more attention than others, what parts are used more, what parts may be more defective than other par

Daniel Tsveer, manager, Peter & Sons Luggage Service (high-volume Samsonite repair center)

Making the transition from Returnly to ReverseLogix

Here at ReverseLogix, we’re working with Returnly customers to make their transition easy and fast.

  • We will build a world-class, branded returns portal and deploy it quickly – just 2-3 weeks in total – while keeping your current customer-facing systems in place. Your business won’t miss a beat and your customers won’t be interrupted. 
  • With our API-centric approach, we offer defined integrations for Shopify and other top eCommerce platforms, along with third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. You can see our out-of-the-box integrations here.
  • A defined implementation process and superior customer support. We have a rock-solid track record of results for a wide range of clients across industries such as apparel & fashion, retail manufacturing, consumer electronics, and more.
  • We will support your existing Returnly functionality

We know transitioning from one system to another can bring up questions and concerns. With the transition from Returnly (a point system) to ReverseLogix (a long-term, comprehensive solution), you will have no business disruption and zero customer impact.

We’ll prioritize the critical integrations and time-sensitive information from Returnly to get you up and running fast!

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