Risks of Always Including Returns Labels, Part 1

Risks of Always Including Returns Labels, Part 1

When it comes to the world of returns management, return labels are a big point of debate. Some major entities in the shipping and returns world preach including a return label with every single customer order, while others are supporters of being far more selective with this process.

At ReverseLogix, we can help with these kinds of questions. Our reverse logistics service includes a full look at which sorts of processes are benefitting and hurting your business, then making tweaks to improve things. In part one of our two-part blog series, let’s look at a few of the general issues that might come up with including returns labels in every package.

Returns and UPS Business

One of the primary entities loudly on the side of including returns labels with every package is UPS, which says that including labels with every order is a great way to streamline the returns process for retailers and customers alike. Unfortunately, this is pretty much patently untrue.

Unless you’re a specific subscription-based retailer, this is actually one of the slowest ways to manage returns processes. Unfortunately, this is a disconnect between UPS being a shipping provider, and not a retailer – they don’t know that this tactic comes with zero insight into the actual volume of returns, much less the reasons behind these returns. They’re looking to give retailers a shortcut, but what they’re actually doing is reducing a hugely important part of the returns process.

No Processes in Place

Most retailers simply do not have the processes set up to collect returns data when the product is sent back to a warehouse or fulfillment center. The returns data they do collect is via manual spreadsheets, which take a long time. Retailers need as much data as possible on returns, and they need it as quickly as possible. Simply including returns labeling in every single package defeats the entire purpose of data collection.

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