Turning Returns Into a Positive

Turning Returns Into a Positive

At ReverseLogix Logistics, we’re proud to provide a reverse logistics service that will allow you to handle even the busiest return seasons of the year. The months following a busy season, such as the winter holidays for instance, can be a tough time with higher return needs.

If handled correctly, though, you can turn these tougher periods into boosts to your customer service and overall efficiency. Let’s look at how you can do this, and how our return management platform can help.

Get Prepared

In the United States alone, about $70 billion worth of products is returned in the months following Christmas season. To prepare for this or any other large returns season, you have to have policies already in place with your staff. This may include hiring additional seasonal staff for certain periods – you can use data from previous years to determine whether this is necessary.

Training for returns should be done for all members of the team. When mass returns arrive, all customers need to receive the same quality treatment.

Remove Manual Processes

Many smaller retailers still use manual return processes, and this is both time-consuming and prone to basic human error. These can lead to a major hassle when it comes to organization, and products can easily get lost in the system, causing major overhead issues. A basic return management platform helps you organize all these elements in much simpler ways for all employees.

Turn Returns Into Return Customers

Customer service is the new marketing, as they say. And if you offer generous and open return policies, your customers will be more engaged – in fact, per Adobe, return customers spend up to seven times more than new customers. So even if it means you have to eat a small loss here or there with a liberal returns policy, this will be easily worth it for you in the end if you do it well.

For more on how to turn returns into a benefit, or to learn about our reverse logistics service, speak to the pros at ReverseLogix Logistics today.