Common Logistics Issues to Know

Common Logistics Issues to Know

Global logistics represent an incredibly diverse range of topics, and are a vital area of concern for some of the biggest businesses on the planet. At Reverse Logix, we’re a logistics consulting provider that helps you cover all the relevant areas while growing your business the right way.

In a general sense, there are a few common issues that tend to crop up for many of the businesses we serve. Let’s look at some of these areas, and how our reverse logistics service can help with them.

Changing Needs

In today’s modern times, “one fits all” service is virtually nonexistent. Logistics solutions have to be tailed to each individual customer, including order transparency, material visibility through every stage of the process and reverse logistics. Because of the simple number of variables at play here, it can be difficult to maintain varying customer needs.


There are already thousands of vessels serving major trade lines around the world, and infrastructure is often a problem in today’s day of mega-alliances. Congestion at certain terminals is common, and will only become more so moving forward if solutions aren’t found. Particularly in developing nations, this can be an issue – container handling increased nearly 300 percent from 2000 to 2014, and the rise has continued since.


There are a number of steps for cargo to pass through: Shipping, trucking, local warehouses and handling, and then deliveries. By the time a shipment arrives at its final destination, it’s likely passed through seven or eight sets of hands. If even a single step here has not done due diligence, security can be a big concern.


There are issues here on both sides of the spectrum – within ocean shipping the issue is overcapacity, while in domestic US shipping the issue is tightening capacity. Both impact the logistics world significantly, including driving up trucking and transportation rates heavily.


Work slowdowns have made the delivery situation in US west coast ports very difficult in recent years. This will happen in various port areas from time to time, and these issues will only rise as we become more and more interconnected around the globe.

For more information on logistical issues and how they’re handled, or to find out more about how our reverse logistics can help, speak to the pros at Reverse Logix today.